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Learn how to access your community and pursue greater opportunities through our ndis transport providers.

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Get access to your community

We provide assistance with our ndis transport providers, to improve individuals’ access to the community, work or education where they cannot do so through other means of transport.

Services we provide:

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Learn how to travel and achieve your goals

Learn how to utilise various ndis transport providers options to access the community and achieve your personal goals.

Boost independence as you learn to overcome barriers and you don't have to rely heavily on caregivers.

Reduce feelings of isolation as you learn to take public transport and integrate into society.

Increase and pursue educational, work and recreational opportunities when you’re able to travel.

Lead fulfilling lives without being restricted by mobility challenges

Having access to and knowledge how to utilise ndis transport providers options is important in accessing the community and achieving your personal goals. With the right education and guidance of ndis transport services, taking public transport will no longer be scary.

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The Collage Image Of Team Member And Client.

to you

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Choice and Control

“Your Choice of Care.” At IAC, you manage all your supports. We are flexible in providing care quality and understand the importance of your selection and management of support delivery.

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Client Focus

“Focus on what the client wants, and we deliver” We understand the client’s focus and our job is to focus on what the client wants and support them with the best possible outcome.

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“Accept the pace of your journey.” Everyone has their own journey and their own way of reaching their goals, we are here to go through this journey with you and support your growth.

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‘‘We are all the same.’’ At IAC, we have enthusiastic staff from different cultures who are proud of what they do. We have created an inclusive environment that promotes equality for all stakeholders and staff.

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I’m so happy and satisfied with the support and assistance that I am receiving from IAC. They are going beyond their abilities and capacity to support their clients. I have been supported by my support coordinator to be able to drive again and gain my independence. I would highly recommend this service for people needing NDIS support.


Why choose us?

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Clear Communication

We as ndis service providers value the importance of a clear and open communication with our clients, their family and our staff within the wider community. We hear you.

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Person-Centered Care

Our dedicated and passionate ndis service providers and staff have one common goal when working with you: To provide you the dedicated care you deserve in a respectful and empowering manner at all times.

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Our devoted and passionate ndis registered providers of IAC have one common goal: To provide you with the dedicated care you deserve in a respectful and empowering manner at all times.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes we do! We speak English, Dari, Persian and Hindi.

We need to understand what care you need and your goals before recommending our services. Once we have a complete understanding, we ensure that the recommended services are affordable within your NDIS plan budget and the NDIS price guide; that there are no hidden costs.

We ensure that our staff have the qualifications for the job and they receive regular trainings so as to ensure continuous improvement of our services. As long as the support coordinator possess the right qualifications to provide you the care you need (depending on the service required), we are happy for you to make the choice.

We continually review the feedback and complains that we get so that we can improve the services we provide. If there is a complaint, we will keep you informed throughout the complaints process and inform you of the outcome and the reason behind it. If you’d like to submit a feedback or complaint, submit this form and select “feedback”.

You can fill up the form here or if you prefer to speak to us to find out more about our services, ring us at 1300 595 949.

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